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Sketchboarding; good, fast & cheap prototyping

Posted on December 5, 2010 by - Deliverables, Inspiration, ROI

Personally, my main motivation for a career change to the UX world is a desire to help people; to clarify, to simplify, to allow them to do what they do without having to worry about the tools they’re using while doing “their thing”.  The business or fiscal benefits of creating a seamless user experience are a close second though in terms of my motivations.

Maybe it’s because I’ve owned my own business for the last five years, but I’m really drawn to the ROI aspects of UX research. In my opinion a true winning solution is one that finds a cohesive and comfortable balance of user needs and ROI for the business entity.

All that leads me to the very efficient, collaborative and inexpensive way to prototype; Sketchboarding.

Sketchboarding allows the designers, programmers, business suits and even users to participate in the exploration of different interaction possibilities. Iterations are quick, the feedback is immediate and it’s possible to get to the core of the problem much quicker and easier than waiting thru iterations of more detailed wire-frame prototypes. (See an earlier post about the importance of knowing what problem you are trying to solve before haggling over UI elements)

This short video from Adaptive Path breaks it down for you, so grab some paper, sharpies, sticky-notes, drafting dots and start sketchboarding!


Our Favorite Tools for Sketching